Rotary Meeting 29-Oct-2018

NEXT MEETING: 5 November

SPEAKER:   District Governor, Graham Jull, will visit our Club

LAST MEETING: 29 October

ATTENDANCE:  21 including guest speaker David Jopson


Lyn talked about his recent 7-week trip to Europe visiting many countries and about his canal trip using a two-berth houseboat sailing the Midi Canal in France. It was a relaxing way to watch the world go by and apart from the constant need to steer the boat, negotiating 74 locks and the coypu (a large water rodent), it was most enjoyable being able to berth in the various towns and call in at the local café for a wine.

GUEST SPEAKER: David Jopson (Restorative Justice)

At the end of 2016, David retired after 47 years in education – his last school was Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School where he was Principal for 17 years. Since retiring David has trained as a Restorative Justice Facilitator and he gave a PowerPoint presentation about Restorative Justice. David covered the following aspects of Restorative Justice:

What it is – a victim-centred programme and an opportunity for the offender and victim to come together in a safe neutral environment

The training involved to become a facilitator.

The benefits for the victim –
Have a voice and be given time to be heard
Tell the offender how they feel about his/her actions and what the consequences of the crime have been
Ask questions about the offending
Feel more in control – for example, by hearing an apology and by agreeing to actions that will help to heal the damage
Feel a sense of justice being done (when the agreements have been carried out)
Feel less fearful of crime

And the benefits for the offender –
Be seen as a person
Have a voice and be heard – to tell their story and put the facts right
Take responsibility for the offending
Hear first-hand about the harm done to the victims and/or community by the offence
Gain an appreciation of the impact of this harm
Have an opportunity to apologise face to face
Have an opportunity to put things right – in agreeing and carrying out agreed actions
Have their efforts to put things right considered in their sentencing

The principles of Restorative Justice and what happens before and during the conference and what the statistics show.

12 November             to be advised
19 November              Club AGM
26 November              to be advised
3 December                 to be advised
10 December              Christmas Function


Number of guests attending or apologies must reach Ian Ellengold phone 8788652 or email  before 10 pm Sunday. Please also note that if you’re bringing a partner or other guest you also need to notify the attendance officer, to enable our caterers to prepare the correct number of meals.


Please note these arrangements:
If you are rostered on for a duty but find you are unavailable it is your responsibility to arrange a replacement for yourself. Once this is done, email Stephen Randal at  and advise him of the change. Note: most duties require attendance at 5.30pm. Your duty may involve the use of equipment; you must put it away at the end of the meeting.

DATE 5 November 12 November 19 November
Event District Governor
Graham Jull
Rotary Business Club AGM
Cashier Gage Schnell Duncan
Badges & Grace Randal Petrie Brangwin
Two-minute talk Townsend Nunes Giddens
Reception, banners etc. Konig Henderson Ellengold
Sergeant Bailey Prebble McArdle
Speakers Orderly/Intro Pollard Not required Not required
Vote of Thanks Mayne Not required Not required
Mandy Kimber 31 October
Jenny Prebble 1 November


  • As the District Conference in 2020 will be held in Rotorua 22-24 May it is most important that you keep this date in your diary as many of us will need to attend this as we will be holding the 2021 District Conference in the Hawkes Bay Opera House 14-16 May 2021.
  • Peter Mayne reported that there were not enough able to attend the Orphan’s Lunch and Show and this has now been cancelled. The club has decided to donate money raised from the sergeant’s session tonight towards their defibrillator.
  • Raffle – Another very good week ($1,968 banked)
    Thurs Bunnings 34 books
    Frid   Flaxmere 64 books
    Sat    Warehouse  80 books
    To date, we have sold 374 books (32%) & banked $4,063 – compared to last year we are still ahead 356 books (31%) & $3,941 banked. As the HN Boulevard day was on the 28th October last year ($1,170 banked), we are doing extremely well. Boulevard day is late November this year & we are booked in.
    Whole books sold are at 52% compared with 44% last year.
    Peter Reed
  • Lyn Hann wants 6 members to volunteer their help with car parking in Margaret Avenue for the Holly Hospice Trail on 9-11 November during two sessions between 9 am – 12.30pm and 12.30 – 4.30 pm each day.
  • Dale Prebble was pleased to advise members that all three applicants for the Summer Science School have been accepted.


Rotary Meeting 29-Oct-2018

Who else but Gerry Townsend, fresh from Halloween at the National Aquarium of New Zealand.


Ian Holford
Bulletin Editor

Thanks to Mandy Kimber for taking the photographs at the meeting

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