Rotary Bulletin 27-Sep-2021

Rotary Bulletin 27-Sep-2021 Meeting

Next Meeting Monday 4th October 2021. Guest speaker Belinda van der Monde will be who will give an address on Cochlear Implants.

Guests were welcomed to the meeting by President Lynn, including our Guest Ken Haynes who will talk later on the J R McKenzie Trust.

GRACE– was given by Roger Jopling: “Bless us with good food, The gift of the gab and hearty laughter, May the love and joy we share. Be with us ever after, Amen.”

TWO MINUTE TALK was given by Brin Hayward who advised that he watches TV 3 News because he likes the way the weather is presented. He has noted over Maori Language Week, and beyond, Maori names of districts and cities have been used in preference to the European names given by explorers and settlers for places like Wellington, Christchurch, Hawkes Bay, etc. Bin was really delighted with the original Maori names being used and that the feasibility of the official adoption of the Maori original language for that area, particularly New Zealand becoming Aotearoa New Zealand. However, despite his desire to have Maori names being adopted – he did not want a referendum about the matter. One needs to imagine what Captain Cook would have done if he could have found other names for the North and South Islands, Te Ika a Maui being the Maori name for the North Island.

One needs to think of Hawaii with a name that should change. We could get rid of the name Havelock North, and Brin had been on a bus recently whose destination was showing Manga Wharenui, the Maori name for our village. It has been observed that many buses are now showing the Maori equivalents of other destinations. Should we support this trend? Brin claims to have started the debate with our President.


SERGEANT: $51.10 was gathered by Mandy, who used the theme of healthy living, fining those who don’t eat well, or have a fitness program.

GUEST SPEAKER – Ken Haynes was introduced by Scott Henderson, advising of his membership with the Stortford Lodge Rotary Club and a former AG, and now a Trustee of the J R McKenzie Trust.

Ken commented that it was nice to be back with the Havelock North Rotary Club and spoke of the J R McKenzie Education the Fund Trust which was established in 1938 by Sir John McKenzie – the owner of the McKenzie Retail Group. The Trust Funding started in Christchurch and Wellington, then on to Dunedin and Hamilton, spreading amongst various districts in New Zealand. The administration of the Trust is managed by committees in each Rotary District in the country. The objective is to assist families with children who need footwear, glasses, hearing aids, epi-pens, school camp cost (subject to fees), transport costs, and stationery for young children to help them deal with education.

The process to follow is to accept applications from Rotary Clubs, District Health Nurses, Budget Advisory Services, Schools at all levels, and also Social Services and the NZ Police. Rotary can receive requests from the Police who are aware of the tragic situations within the families. If an application is looking at a donation of $300 per child, there is a need to consider the whole family and their needs. A lot of extra costs can be involved. Applications coming from local schools are sent to Rotary Clubs to discuss with the school involved. It is important that the Club communicates with the Trust, including the family involved. Clubs can pay extra, having worked matters through with the family, but there is also a need to complete the application form completely including providing a letter from the sponsor. It is important to include invoices with records of the amounts paid. Developing a centre of excellence based on each geographic rotary area – eg 9930. Applications are now approved in Hawkes Bay and another area of excellence is being developed in Tauranga. Ken advised that we are all to get out there to offer help to schools. The Trust is open to requests from all Clubs. The Havelock North Rotary Club can get out there now and offer help to schools, and be open to opportunities to advertise what the Club does. Members will get a great sense of pride in assisting young people and knowing also that it helps families.

The application form has been to ensure correct information is provided, including a letter from the school and the sponsoring organisation with necessary details in completing the claim form.

Ken advised that he visits schools inviting discussion on any needs for money and he has observed that schools are always looking for money to help schools. Havelock North has a number of schools in its community and no doubt the Club will receive requests for financial assistance, once it is known the Club has access to the Trust. $300 is the limit, knowing the demands requested elsewhere. The J.R.McKenzie Trust has healthy funds from investments to help situations. There is a need to develop relationships with schools, but don’t go onto their websites, make sure applications are completed by paper, the Trust is not allowed to share any information regarding any of the applicants. Clubs can pay extra, having worked through family needs. It is important to complete the application form with a letter regarding sponsorship – a Club Claiming Form with a summary and assurance that the payment is for one person at the time, the Trust cannot fund a group. Ken would like to encourage Rotary Clubs to top up an application if necessary. Applications must be made to the Trust 10 days before funding would be needed. Applications are now approved in Hawkes Bay and Tauranga is planning to develop another area of excellence. You – the Rotary Club of Havelock North can get out there to offer help to schools. An audit will be necessary for proof of what is to be paid, maintaining a high level of confidentiality, and assurance that the boundaries of each Rotary Club is identified as their area of responsibility.

Ken was thanked by Mike Konig for his presentation, and the meeting was then moved into committee meetings to identify what programs are occurring and what membership support is needed.


Charlie Fergus spoke of Rotary’s involvement at the Blossom Festival is now postponed. He will be contacting members to volunteer and advise them of their time of involvement. 20 people are required for this which will earn the Club $1000 in fundraising.

Charlie also spoke of the Kierianga Garden project, inviting volunteers to support the landscaping and planting to be done shortly, and he will be in touch with us when that occurs.

Christmas in the Park – 4th Dec – Requirements as per last year. It will be at Anderson Park this year. David Trim will be contacting the Club shortly.

PARTING THOUGHT: from Roger Jopling: “Retire from your job but never retire your mind. Retirement is a wonderful time if you have much to live on and much to live for.”

DUTIES: Please note these arrangements: If you are rostered on for duty but find you are unavailable it is your responsibility to arrange a replacement for yourself. Once this is done, email Stephen Randal at stephen.randalnz@gmail.com and advise him of the change.

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Sue Forde
Bulletin Editor.

Editors comment: Ken had some very motivating things to say, the J. R.McKenzie Trust is certainly a valuable organisation with which Rotarians can be immensely proud to have such a good working relationship with. To know we have the capability to assist young people during hard times. I also must recall the parting thought from Roger who gave us that little extra nudge to do what we can in today’s world.
The opinions expressed in this Bulletin are not necessarily those of the President or Directors or of members of the Rotary Club of Havelock North Inc.