Rotary Bulletin 15-Nov-2021

Rotary Bulletin 15-Nov-2021 Meeting

Next Meeting – 22nd November 2021, there will be no guests as it will be the AGM of the Rotary Club of Havelock North Incorporated and The Rotary Club Charitable Trust. All Club members will be sent the necessary reports to participate in the meeting.

ROTARY CHRISTMAS PUDDINGS: These well-received NZ-made puddings are now available, and at a cost of $20 delivered with $5 of that going to the club, are a great and timely fundraiser. In past years some members have used them as gifts at our Christmas function, and we’ll be continuing the recent tradition of community gifts this year so it’s worth considering. As a club, we need to order them in cartons of 6. Please order your requirements to Stephen at stephen.randalnz@gmail.com or text 021 586085. Note that because as a total club we can order only in multiples of 6 the last members to order may miss out………so as they say…… no pressure!

Rotary Bulletin 15-Nov-2021

President Lynn welcomed everyone to the meeting including Judi, wife of David Schnell.

GRACE: Was then given by Brian Lavelle:

An old Irish Blessing

“May the road rise up to meet you

May the wind be always at your back

May the sunshine warm upon you

And rains fall soft upon your fields”

TWO MINUTE TALK: This was given by Ian Ellengold who spoke of a Modern Fable.

SERGEANT’S SESSION: Ben Massey was welcomed back to the Club and he managed to raise $46.10 out of fellow members’ pockets, by way of fines.

GUEST SPEAKER: Elizabeth Wright, a fellow Rotarian from Te Awamutu was introduced by Mike Konig, who spoke to us by way of Zoom, given the current Covid conditions. Elizabeth is involved with Interplast through her membership with Rotary. She has lived in Te Awamutu since she was three years old and through her adult life has been a teacher and joined Rotary for some time before the President of the Club asked her to be a volunteer of Interplast – Australia and New Zealand. Her role fits in with her personal life as she enjoys her gardens and music and her 10 grandchildren. Elizabeth has been the District 9930 representative for 3 years and Interplast District Chairperson, but because of covid, she has been unable to visit the islands. Today Rotary continues to play a large part in supporting Interplast, started by Rotary in 1983, which sends fully qualified Australian and New Zealand volunteer plastic and reconstruction surgeons and anesthetists to the Asia Pacific region to provide free surgical treatment for patients who would otherwise not be able to afford access to such treatment. Rotary continues to play a huge part in enabling Interplast to repair bodies and rebuild lives in the region. It is a shared Rotary legacy, supporting surgeons and medical specialists, working in 17 countries across Asia and the Pacific. The oldest patient has been 89 years of age and the youngest – 28 days. Treatment is aimed at providing functionality and mobility for conditions such as cleft lip and palate, tumours and burns and scars. A fundamental component of all of Interplast’s activities is to leave a legacy through strengthening and improving and expanding the abilities of a number of programmes delivered which has grown over 30 years. Thanks to District 9930 support, Interplast provides training and provision of surgical equipment such as a cleft lip simulator for the training of surgeons.

Elizabeth was thanked for her fascinating and heartfelt presentation, by Ben Massey.


Christmas Puddings Stephen advised that the Christmas Puddings were available again for $20 per pudding. He invited everyone to get in touch with him. The pudding could be a gift for a family, an adult or a child

Trailer Raffle Jessica advised that the Club has sold 51% of the books but has lost 6 days of selling due to the weather. There is a need for more volunteers for the forthcoming days. There are still a few volunteer slots available for this week and lots more for the following week. Be in to take part in this successful project.

Visit Train Carriage B&B Eddie advised that members will need to confirm their attendance with Eddie, of their planned attendance at the 29th November meeting, and will also need to bring along their own glasses, plates etc. We will be hosted by Colin and Trish Beswick (as seen on the TV programme, Moving Houses with Clark Gayford). Once you have confirmed your attendance, pizzas will be ordered, as with do with our croquet night.

New Caravan Park – 8 St Andrews Road Charlie advised that planting of trees at the new Caravan Park will begin next Monday. He is looking for more volunteers – at least 6 more members to help. If you are willing to be involved, contact Charlie or Brian Lavelle.

AGM of Rotary President Lynn advised that Peter Reed and David Smith will email to members, copies of financial statements to bring to the next meeting. Financial Statements will include reports of both the Rotary Club of Havelock North and Rotary Club of Havelock North (Projects) Charitable Trust, for members’ consideration.

Rotary on the Move David Smith advised (post meeting) that one great source of information about what is going on in Rotary for our part of the world is the Rotary Zone 8 monthly Newsletter – Rotary on the Move. Zone 8 covers Australasia and the Pacific The November edition can be accessed here… It contains lots of interesting articles and reports. For instance, in the Membership Snapshot article, it is reported that Rotary membership in our Zone has increased at a rate of 100 per month during the present Rotary Year. When you access the newsletter, be sure to click on “Sign Up”, which is at the left of the first page. This will ensure that you are notified by email when each monthly edition has been posted.


Scott Henderson advised that he has been in touch with 5 fellow Rotarians, but Malcolm Walker is still in respite care.

DUTIES: Please note these arrangements: If you are rostered on for duty but find you are unavailable it is your responsibility to arrange a replacement for yourself. Once this is done, email Stephen Randal at stephen.randalnz@gmail.com and advise him of the change.

CLUB CALENDAR 22nd November 29th November 6th December
Event/Speaker AGM – no guest speaker Train Carriage B&B
Cashier Gage Schnell Duncan
Badges, Grace & Parting Thought Graham Monachino
2-minute talk Riley Fergus
Sergeant Haward Dufty
Speaker’s Orderly Blowes Prebble
Vote of Thanks Hann Henderson

Sue Forde
Bulletin Editor.

Editors comment: I can remember when the Interplast project became a reality as a Rotary project. Rotary’s hopes were high that we could make a real difference to the families of the Asia Pacific islands. It is so encouraging to see such an enterprise was still making great progress in providing functionality and mobility for such conditions, providing joy and a huge sense of relief for patients and their families.
The opinions expressed in this Bulletin are not necessarily those of the President or Directors or of members of the Rotary Club of Havelock North Inc.