Rotary Bulletin 13-July-2020

Rotary Bulletin 13-July-2020

Next meeting at 5.30 pm on Monday 20 July


Attendance 25 including the speaker.

Sergeant’s session raised TBA

Two-minute talk – Kevin regaled an excerpt from David Smiths’ journey through pirate-infested waters in the seas off Somalia, it sounded like a very dangerous but exciting journey. For more about the dangers in this area have a look at this link.

Guest Speaker – Neil Armitage

Neil Armitage (pictured above) spoke about his and his wife’s adventures sailing in Greece.

They started by going on Flotilla sailing trips in the late 1970’s.

Every year since 2009 Neil Armitage and his wife have been bareboat chartering for periods of up to six weeks.

It certainly looks like a wonderful place to sail.

Club Assembly:
Peter Maine took over the meeting which went into Club Assembly.
– Minutes of the last meeting were approved.
– The Strategic Plan was approved.
Then the club assembly was closed and Trish Giddens took back control of the meeting.

RAFFLE – Tonights raffle was won by Colin Wake with ticket # 47

20 July – Richard Grant – diplomatic life from a New Zealand perspective
26 July – District Change-Over
3 August – TBA

Directors announced that they will be having fireside meetings with the members in their committees. A handbook was given out by Trish to all members which included a committee member’s list. If you are not sure which committee you are in then please ask.
Both John Pollard and Lyn Hann were given best wishes for a speedy recovery by the club members.

PARTING THOUGHT – A variance on the saying “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” – it was noted that if you were going to publicly criticise someone then you needed to make sure your own background was squeaky clean (This referred to current political goings-on).

The number of guests attending or apologies must reach Ian Ellengold phone 878 8652 or email before 10 pm Sunday. Please also note that if you’re bringing a partner or other guest you also need to notify the attendance officer, to enable our caterers to prepare the correct number of meals.

Please note these arrangements: If you are rostered on for duty but find you are unavailable it is your responsibility to arrange a replacement for yourself. Once this is done, email Stephen Randal at  and advise him of the change.

DATE 20 July 27 July 3 August
Event/Speaker Dick Grant District
26th July
so no meeting.
Cashier Schnell Brooker
Toast Brangwin Fergus
Grace and Badges Henderson Ellengold
M C Not required Not required
2 Minute Talk Blowes Konig
Sergeant Mayne Prebble
Speaker’s Orderly Holford Wake
Vote of Thanks Smith Riley
Parting Thought Norrie Reed

BIRTHDAYS: 14th – 20th July


ANNIVERSARIES: 14th to 20th July


Editor’s piece
I was really impressed by an article I read recently about the new International President of Rotary. This article gives a great insight into Holger Knaack’s personal life and his time in Rotary. I feel like he and his wife would be wonderful dinner guests and they seem very down to earth. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.

Karen Tobeck
Bulletin Editor.
The opinions expressed in this Bulletin are not necessarily those of the President or Directors or of members of the Rotary Club of Havelock North Inc.